Your business. Your people.
Simple and secure.

The new way to manage your employees, their data and all your HR processes, safely and securely.


All your admin in one place

  • Holidays and time off

    See your company status
    Check who's in and out with the holiday calendar and select different kinds of time off.

  • Document storage

    Store documents
    Whether it's passports or contracts, you can upload people's files and find them again, fast.

  • Integrations

    Consolidate your calendars
    Sync Path with Google calendar, Apple calendar, and Outlook to see time off and your other activity in one place.


The best bits about using Path

  • Save time

    • Streamline your employees’ holiday and time off
    • Empower your employees with self-service
    • Access your information on-the-go
  • Stay compliant

    • Get updates about regulation changes
    • Get advice on employment law issues
  • Manage data

    • Sync calendars to capture all your activity
    • Store data securely with cloud-based technology
    • See staffing issues ahead of time


How much does Path cost?

It's free to use. There are no plans to charge for Path based on its current model. Additional paid for services may be introduced in the future as part of an optional upgrade or subscription.

Do I need to enter payment details?

No, we don't need your card details or any of your billing information.

Can I cancel?

Yes, at any time. Just email

Why is there a NatWest logo at the top?

Because Path is a NatWest product.